THE GODS OF NATURE Religion was early humanity’s first attempt to make sense of the events occurring around them, both good and bad. They observed recurring patterns, Spring – Summer – Fall – Winter, and sought to understand the cause for repetition. They looked into the sky and saw that most stars move one way,…


I’ve observed that people have an extreme capacity for vitriol against one another. The world is divided into camps of pro-this and anti-that. Why? Is it genetically coded into our DNA? E.O. Wilson’s article in Newsweek makes a good case for that position ( https://www.newsweek.com/biologist-eo-wilson-why-humans-ants-need-tribe-64005 ). What about altruism? It, too, is instinctive ( https://theconversation.com/extreme-altruists-motivated-by-gut-instinct-study-32855…

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